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Starwood Customs NWA

Premiere Auto Shop in Northwest Arkansas

Starwood Customs NWA is a custom auto shop in Lowell, AR that is well-known for its amazing sales and service capabilities. We provide car, truck, Jeep, and UTV accessories and every service from routine check-ups to major customization and fabrication. With our expert facility focused on fulfilling all our customers’ creative automotive needs, there is no job that is too big or too small. Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Jeep, Classics - you name it, we do it!

Starwood Customs NWA also provides public safety upfitting for first responders. From light bars, firearm mounts, sirens, and much more.
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Our custom auto shop in Lowell, AR, is your complete automotive source for any kind of vehicle customization whether it’s, wheels and tires. window tinting, or a lift kit that you need- you won’t have to look elsewhere for any of your car, Jeep, UTV, and truck accessories. We offer an astoundingly wide array of products and services including custom exhausts, truck suspension, lift kits for all vehicles, truck bed covers, auto sound systems and window tinting.


One thing we pride ourselves on is our ability to build whatever you can’t find - whether it’s chassis modification and suspension, bumpers, roll cages, rock sliders, side steps, engine swaps or custom welding that you need, we’ve got you covered! If you can’t find it anywhere, we’ll make it for you. 


Do you need a custom built part for your car? An exhaust pipe, maybe? Almost anything that you can imagine we can build for you. We have performance parts for trucks, cars, Jeeps, and UTVs in our custom auto shop in Lowell, AR. We have a highly qualified and experienced staff that can install your performance parts. 


As part of our service we offer high-end car sales to make things easy for you. Our aim is to make the sale of your vehicle as easy and stress-free for you as possible by having our team take care of the hard part for you.


Whatever look you’re going for, we have an impressive variety of materials and options available to indulge any creative desire you may have. We also have the knowledge, skill and experience to help you visualize your perfect car, choose customization options and then build your dream car for you. 

Your Custom Auto Shop in Lowell, AR

We strive for excellence in all we do! Since its inception, it’s been the intention of Starwood Customs NWA to bring unparalleled design and quality to the market. We do this by letting each individual customer become part of our team as we work together to mold and shape the customer’s dream and make it into a reality. 

We go above and beyond to fulfill the needs of our customers, but even more than that, we strive to reduce costs. In addition to offering free estimates and consultations, we at Starwood Customs NWA bring you even more savings through our direct relationships with vendors - and best of all, we will match the price of any other custom auto shop!

With all these savings, a lifetime warranty on installation services and a minimum 1 year warranty on parts, you will never have a reason to look elsewhere for wheels and tires or any of your other custom auto needs. When you think of window tinting, wheels and tires and anything else auto, think of Starwood Customs NWA - Your one-stop custom auto shop in Lowell.
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