Exhaust | Turbo Kit | Cold Air Intake 
Lowell, AR & NWA

At our custom auto shop in Lowell, AR we provide a range of professional auto customization, from cosmetics to functional enhancements. Whatever your auto goals are – whether it’s fuel economy or more speed and power, we can assist you in countless ways to get the ultimate performance from your vehicle with modifications to your exhaust systems, cold air intake, and other performance parts. 

The Right Parts

When it comes to improving the performance of Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Jeeps or Classics our custom auto shop in Lowell, AR has everything you need, be it a custom exhaust pipe or turbo kit, and we can work on any vehicle and ensure that it’s in top condition. The affordable, quality services that we offer for boosting your vehicle’s performance also include performance chips, superchargers, turbos and Nitrous Express.  We want your experience with our custom auto shop in Lowell, AR to be one of a kind so that you don’t just get a car that looks good on the outside, but one that also gives you the ultimate in performance and style.

Our Crew

Our expert staff can help you to choose customization options for modifying your vehicle to enhance performance, and the skilled technicians at our state-of-the-art facility are equipped with the latest technology and experienced to handle almost any performance enhancing job you need done. Whether your project involves getting a new exhaust pipe, turbo kit or anything else in between, we can do it for you here. 

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